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2 Days 8 Hours     $700  p/p


1 Day  4 Hours      $400  p/p


Bruce Baird Answers Your questions-or

    1-800-894-9593 for personal contact


How Do I know if your school is right for me?

We have a no questions asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

We are  that confident

What is the student instructor ratio?

There are never more than 3 students in a class.

How many hours of instruction?

4 hours daily

Do we actually play on a course?

Yes On our Carlsbad executive course

Do you conduct women only classes?

Yes. At least once a month.

What may I expect from your schools?

Thorough understanding of the swing fundamentals.

Extensive short game methods taught for scoring.

Swing improvements to work on after leaving school.

Video for your review.

Preparation for self practice after leaving school.

Significant understanding of your swing, its

characteristics. Money back guarantee.

Do you arrange lodging?

Yes. We can  book all of your lodging needs in the immediate area

May I arrange my own accommodations?

Yes commuter programs are always available.

Where are your schools located?

Monterey Peninsula Bayonet Golf Course

San Diego- Rancho Carlsbad

Palm Springs – Cimarron Golf Facility

Las Vegas – Boulder Creek

Can I give school instruction as a gift?

We have gift certificates available for all of

our programs.

I am a beginner-is a school for me?

Yes. Our programs are the best way fora novice to start learning.

Do you group your students by ability for their instruction?

Yes, wherever possible by A, B, or C

Is playing golf part of the school?

After school playing is available at discounted

prices at some schools and is free at others

subject to availability.

Do you take credit cards?

We take all major credit cards.

What is your cancellation/inclement weather policy?

There are no cash refunds. Students may repeat lost

instruction time at no cost.

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