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Short Game Golf School

California Golf School: Rancho Carlsbad  California

Welcome to the California Golf Schools  SHORT GAME ACADEMY. This  will introduce you to our program  called Baird’s Way, a specially crafted system  designed to integrate the golf fundamentals into your existing swing without the pain and anxiety of typical  lessons. California Golf Schools has developed a unique approach to the “how” of teaching the golf fundamentals. Unlike most golf instruction today, this program teaches from the “green out” and not from the “tee in” The result is an easier, more productive learning situation which develops confidence sooner and more effectively than conventional  methods.

        From the first teaching hour, our golf instructors teach the fundamentals through the “short swing.” This is a natural progression to  the  longer  more difficult clubs.

This series of  2 compact four-hour instruction sessions allow golfers to select very specific golf areas where they need the greatest help.   Each segment is organized to focus on the fundamentals of the  complete golf swing- and these fundamentals are taught and reinforced from the green out. Most traditional golf teaching is done from the tee in. Here at CGS we do the opposite.  There are no gimmicks or quick fix issues here.  The essential philosophy of California Golf School is that the golf swing is simpler than it is made to appear, but a golfer must know certain fundamentals and practice them, or progress is slow or non-existent. There is one golf swing with all the clubs, not different swings for the short clubs and one for the long shots.

    The fundamentally correct golf swing contains certain basic moves, which can be taught “from the ground up.” From the shortest (simplest) swing to the longest (complex) we teach those swing fundamentals which are appropriate for all the golf clubs.

 (The driver swing contains the same fundamentals as the nine-iron swing even though the nine-iron swing does not  necessarily include all the fundamentals of the driver swing.)


We follow this simple to complex swing progression to aid the student in understanding his personal golf swing. 

The mini-schools are instructional alternatives to our normal 2 or 3 day 15  hours school programs.  The 8 hour  sessions are designed to be complete in themselves, easily adaptable to varying student skill levels.  Each segment illustrates the appropriate swing patterns while providing the drills and practice programs to be used in changing the students swing faults.

In practice the first day , the student will  will work on achieving club face contact, proper grip tension and physical positioning.

  The takeaway, the most critical part of the golf swing is particularly emphasized by use of the “toe up to toe up” drills. These skills/fundamentals are taught in a “mini-swing”   (short-swing, ½ swing, ¾ swing) context.

  The reason?  A golfer  can easily feel the swing parts, since the clubhead is moving slower-back and forward with less brute strength and force. A player at all levels, can feel the timing of the legs and the upper body. He or she can even see the parts of their swing in real time. Advance  skills such  as visualization can be taught to the moderately skilled golfer contrary to much conventional teaching.

  When a student has reached a success level from a 30-40 yard pitch shot distance with most  fundamentals in order, then he is ready to move to the 50-80 yard shot, and as the day progresses, the clubs change  from PW to 7 iron to 5 iron etc. No drivers!

  The significance   of this process, is that at some level even the moderate player has success, and he knows what he must work on.  The more advanced player moves rapidly, but not unless the fundamentals are clear to him. One reason golfers do not improve is that the relationship between distance and consistently is not ingrained as a habit. Most handicap golfers have multiple swings, depending on the club in hand, or the day’s efforts. This golfer lacks integration, and security about his basics.

   Baird’s Way  will achieve this integration in a short period of time  Come and join us. You will not be disappointed.

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