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Bruce Baird’s Nationwide Golf Schools for woman-only

Golf Lessons For Women Only

A Special Note to Woman Golfers

The Nationwide Golf School welcomes your inquiry concerning our upcoming activities and is excited to share news about our most recent programs, including golf lessons for women. We are committed to the idea that every golfer must develop their own style, particularly if they are a female golfer. We want you to discover your best game, to improve on it and to be able to self-correct after you have left our women’s golf school.

There is no mystery about the women’s golf school and no need for intimidation or frustration in the Nationwide Golf School’s instruction process. There is probably no exclusive female swing or specific female mechanics, but there are different techniques which are more pertinent to women golf lessons and anatomical differences do require discussion and a unique approach. Our school employs skilled instructors who know how to relate to the student’s learning process. Our experienced instructors are well aware of the many ways in which students progress and how to handle these individual differences. It is well known to us that there are a significant number of women who prefer to have instruction in an all-female, women’s golf school setting. Our Golf School offers programs for co-educational teaching and for those who prefer all-women golf lessons. Our women’s golf school classes are small (3.5:1 ratio), affordable ($300 less than our closest competitor for a full 3 day program) and designed particularly with the golfing woman’s perspective in mind. Whether you are an executive, a recreational player or an entry level female golf student, consider this an invitation to investigate our women’s golf school programs at Bruce Baird’s Nationwide Golf Schools.

Custom group programs with special rates are available if planned more than thirty days in advance. Our Golf School classes are limited to eight students (2 instructors) and they do fill quickly so reserve your place today. Please make your reservations early to ensure a spot in your golf program of choice. Thank you for your continuing interest in Bruce Baird’s Golf Schools.

Bruce D. Baird
Founder , Nationwide Golf Schools

Women's Golf Schools

What one woman golf student said about the instructors at Bruce Baird’s California Golf Schools:

“Kitti is a very talented golfer . . .she has the gift of being able to reach out to all skill levels and make things make sense. We had never attended a golf school before and were not sure what to expect. I don’t think we could have imagined such a wonderful, fun-filled time that was also extremely educational. We will be recommending your class to everyone we know.” A member of the LPGA since 1979, Kathryn “Kitty” Young-Robyn has participated in 10 U.S. Open events, all major LPGA tour events as well as having played in Great Britain, Canada and Japan. She has studied with the late Harvey Penick, Johnny Revolta and Phil Rodgers. Kathryn’s ability to enhance her students’ individual golf skills is a singular achievement for this outstanding instructor. In addition to her activities with The San Diego Golf School she currently teaches at the Coronado Golf facility in San Diego, California. Kathryn is committed to providing excellent women’s golf lessons and is excited to take on new students today.

Women golf schools are not rare, you need to find one with a proven track record and one that focuses on finding your style and enhancing it, rather than just teaching you to mimic someone else’s game.  We focus on exploiting your personal strengths and eliminating the weaknesses. Note that the positive is paramount, as many ladies are intimidated by the negatives about the difficulty of the golf swing. There are many other benefits to the game/school having nothing to do with technical perfection anyway!

Golf schools for women are becoming increasingly popular and we are excited about our growth in this area.  For more information, please call us today (don’t forget to ask about our money back guarantee).

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