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Nationwide Golf Schools Costs

 San Diego  Las Vegas ONLY 

3 Day Commuter Golf Rates $850.
2 Day Commuter Golf Rates $700
Individual Golf Instruction Rates $95/hr.
Student/Instructor Ratio 4:1

Palm Springs, Monterey

(Effective October 1st 2011)

3 Day Commuter Golf Rates   15hrs. $950
2 Day Commuter Golf Rates   10 hrs. $800
Individual Golf Instruction Rates   3 hrs. $95/hour
Student/Instructor Ratio 4:1    

Hotel rooms are booked upon request and choices of high, medium and low budget cost hotel rooms or golf resort rates are normally available. Some weekend golf resort rates may be higher.
Taxes and gratuities are not included in above prices and golf resort rates.

There is a difference between golf lessons and golf school.   Golf school offers a more comprehensive and personalized experience that really drills down to the heart of your swing and effects your game.  We focus not only on physical implementation but also on creating an understanding of the fundamentals.   This ensures that you walk away with a true and in-depth understanding of what you need to do and why.  Understanding the why allows you to continue to correct and improve over time and it assures you won’t soon forget what you learned while at the Nationwide Golf Schools.

Be prepared for an intense but incredibly valuable experience with measurable results.   Find your game and earn bragging rights the next time you and your friends hit the links.


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