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Bruce Baird’s Nationwide Golf Schools golf instruction philosophy and methods

Baird’s Way

Bruce Baird is regarded as one of America’s finest golf teaching professionals, offering professional golf instruction through the establishment of his California Golf Schools. As a golf instructor he is well known for successfully adapting his teaching approach and golf program to each individual’s abilities and needs. He and his team of coaches provide professional golf instruction in order to help people in finding their “natural golf swing” using a unique “short swing” teaching technique and golf program developed by Bruce over 10 years ago.

What is a natural swing?

Bruce believes that each of us has a unique combination of body type, rhythm and coordination that produces the natural tendencies we use when swinging a golf club. Most golf instructors teach fundamentals, which are important, but Bruce believes these golfing fundamentals must be adapted to fit the natural tendencies present in each individual student. This approach provides the foundation of the professional golf instruction offered at Bruce Baird’s California Golf School and makes up the golf program that has so successfully taught or improved student’s golf skills.

At California Golf Schools we work with each student to find their natural rhythm and swing plane in order to fully develop solid contact and ball flight, a key feature of our golf program for improving your golf game. Very often a student feels like a pretzel when working with golf fundamentals and can’t find their flow or rhythm. Mr. Baird’s short swing technique and unique golf program helps reduce the difficulty of hitting the golf ball by starting with a very short swing and gradually lengthening the swing until the student is using a full back swing. Most students are surprised to see exactly how powerful a short swing is and how it helps generate a natural rhythm, drastically improving their golf game after some assistance from a professional golf instructor. Mr. Baird believes it is only by finding a “natural swing” that a golfer develops a consistent and repeatable swing. The development of this key aspect of a golfer’s game is essential toward their success on the links and, with the help offered by Bruce Baird’s California Golf Schools, its successful golf program and world-class, professional golf instruction, learning this fundamental golf swing has never been easier.

Using a Golf Diary

Mr. Baird stresses the importance of using a golf diary for students to record their statistics and impressions gained during the golf program and on the golf course or the practice tee. Mr. Baird realizes that keeping statistics is a difficult task so he designed an online golf diary to make it easy for his golf students to keep records and see the positive and negative patterns with their golf skills. Keeping track of these tendencies allows Bruce Baird’s California Golf School coaches to address weak points while improving a player’s natural strengths. Our professional golf instruction is an essential step toward improving your game but the use of a golf diary as part of the school’s larger golf program is necessary for getting the most out of the experience.

Follow up Golf Coach Program

In addition to using an online golf diary, Mr. Baird has developed the “Golf Coach Program” which offers his students the ability, after attending a California Golf School golf program, to discuss their ongoing progress with one of his professional golf coaches through email and telephone sessions. Bruce Baird’s California Golf School is committed to the improvement of every student entering into one of its programs and will do its very best to strengthen their golf skills past the physical lessons and professional golf instruction itself. Ask an instructor or coach more about the “Golf Coach Program” during your classes or lessons at the California Golf School and ensure that you achieve the best possible results from your time in our educational golf program.

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Baird’s Way