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National recognition for Bruce Baird’s California Golf School’s business success

National Honor to Bruce Baird’s California Golf School

National television personality Pat Summerall recently honored Bruce Baird’s California /Las Vegas Golf Schools through his popular, syndicated series.

The Pat Summerall Success Stories (as seen weekdays, nationally on the Fox News Channel) focuses on and selects organizations that define “success” in their business activities. The honored companies have demonstrated outstanding leadership, significant growth in their industry and a high level of business ethics according to Mr. Summerall.

Bruce Baird’s California Golf School was chosen as one of Mr. Summerall’s select, outstanding businesses and received accolades for the superb golf teaching and golf coaching services it provides. Mr. Summerall praised California Golf School as a world-class institute, providing one of the finest golf schools in California and, more than that, the entire continent. The Pat Summerall Success Stories honored the California Golf School for its commitment to providing comprehensive golf lessons through world-class instructors and at fair prices.

Bruce Baird, President of the California/Vegas Golf Schools, was quoted as saying “Our business growth and ‘success’ are a direct result of my business philosophy which is that an entrepreneur must do what he loves , work to get it right and then continue to improve on it.

“This recognition of my company is a reaffirmation of the efforts we have spent in developing our company to its current level of success.”

The recent television interview with Summerall and Baird regarding the latter’s California golf schools were broadcast throughout the nation on the FOX Cable News Channel. The editors of Forbes Magazine held an honoree banquet in New York City, New York, further honoring Bruce Baird’s contribution to providing exceptional golf schools in California. The keynote speaker and presenter at the banquet was Steve Forbes, former American presidential candidate.

Bruce Baird’s California Golf School has four locations in and outside of California, including golf school sites in San Diego, Monterey, Palm Springs and Las Vegas, each of which attracts golf students nationally and internationally to the golf school’s outstanding golf classes and golf coaching opportunities. The popularity of every one of the California Golf Schools demonstrates a success that stretches beyond golf schools in California and extends to many different regions across the world. The golf teaching programs at each of our California golf schools consist of 2-3 day sessions alongside individual golf teaching sessions. The golf improvement program is designed to bring students to their best level of golf performance in an intensive, simplified and highly effective situation. Golf students of all levels, from beginner to expert, achieve a high level of success due to the California Golf School’s many innovative and time-proven principles of teaching the golf fundamentals.

Our entire range of golf schools in California offers the same, high-quality, exceptional services, ensuring a memorable and educational visit. Come visit us for any of your golf practice or improvement needs and experience the difference that comes with the professional staff at any of Bruce Baird’s California Golf Schools.

Bruce Baird, CEO California Golf Schools
Las Vegas/Monterey/San Diego/ Palm Springs
Honored as one of Pat Summerall’s Success Stories
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