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What Nationwide Golf Schools Teach

What We Teach

  • Commuter golf programs
  • 4:1 student ratio
  • Short game classes for golf school
  • Coed golf classes
  • All levels of golf skills for classes for golf
  • Advanced Video
  • “The mental game” approach with our classes for golf

Nationwide Golf Schools daily instruction schedule

Golf School Instruction Program

Golf Classes Day 1 – 10 am

Meet at school for golf classes orientation
10 AM Welcome – School Mission,
Expectations & Schedule for Golf Instruction
“If you believe you can do it or if you believe you can’t do it, you are right!”

  • Introduction to Golf Fundamentals
    Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture
  • Show and Tell
    Pre-Shot Routine/”soft hands”
  • The Before Swing
    7 iron, video diagnostic analysis
  • Chipping (hands)
  • Pitching (legs)
    “Toe up to Toe UP” (video front and rear)
    Golf Fundamentals Review

Golf Classes Day 2 – 9 am
“The Plane”

  • “Impact” The Fundamentals
  • Range — Full Shots
    Individual situations working range/pitching
  • Putting
  • Visualization & the Inner Game
  • Video Analysis
  • Club Fitting Analysis
  • Preparation for On Course Golf Play

Golf Classes Day 3 – 8 am
“The Plane”

  • Return to Range
  • Review Fundamentals
    Full practice session 5, 7 woods
  • Video Remarks Analysis
  • 1 PM – Completion of Golf School

Special Programs


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