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Bruce Baird’s National Golf Schools For Men and Women

National golf schools. California golf schoolsBruce Baird’s National Golf Schools WILL Improve Your Game: Bruce Baird Personally Guarantees It!

Golf is a game of concentration, focus, habit and all too often, frustration.  The biggest cause of that frustration?  Bad habits!  Most golfers develop bad habits that increase over time, impacting your score and increasing your frustration.

Most golfers aren’t able to recognize these bad habits and the problem perpetuates.  Until you correct the errors and adjust your game, the frustration will continue.   

Bruce Baird’s golf school understands the frustration and even more importantly they know how to eliminate it. 

Whether you are looking to earn bragging rights with friends or just to increase your personal satisfaction with the game, our National Golf Schools offer golf instruction that is designed to improve  your style and technique and enhance it (no learning to mimic someone else’s swing, that doesn’t help long term). Our instructional techniques are simple, effective and built around your abilities. We cannot remake your golf life in three day, but you will be given the tolls and confidence to improve your golf game on a continuing basis. We guarantee it !We are so confident in the high level of instruction that Bruce Baird will personally ensure your satisfaction with a money back guarantee. 

Starting with the fundamentals and building an understanding that will allow you to continue to self-adjust after you leave the golf school, we cover the areas in which you need improvement.  By correcting form, erasing bad habits, and building on your skill level works well for novice and experienced golfers.

Bruce Baird’s national golf schools are located in California (San Diego, Monterey and Palm Springs) and Las Vegas as well as two locations on the East Coast Natural beauty, year round beautiful weather and championship courses combined with instruction from top notch golfers equals a fabulous get away.   How can that not   result   in a marked improvement in your game?  Call today and inquire about availability.

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