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Golf Instruction And Your Left Brain-Use It!

Golfing for the Left Brain Golfer

By Bruce Baird, Founder

Do you know which side of your brain you use? People are born using either the right side or the left side of their brain. A predominantly left-brain individual uses their right hand. Use of the right hand is particularly useful for golfers since most golf course designs accommodate right-handed golfers rather than left handed ones.  In addition, golf psychology shows us that people who use the left side of their brain tend to be analytical.  These players analyze and apply logic to every aspect of the game.  Golf requires a certain amount of logic, focus, and analysis, which makes left-brain activity useful.

Analyzing the layout of the course allows left-brain golf players to determine what the best approach is.  To these individuals, there is nothing quite as satisfying as applying the mental approach needed to win the game. Most golfers are left-brained or right handed individuals. In fact, the few golfers that are left handed find the game of a challenge because of course layouts. Golf schools offer golf lessons that teach left handed individuals how to use their right hand instead. By learning to use their right hand rather than their left, right brained individuals learn to engage the left side of their brain.

Left-brain golfers are often clumsy athletes. Unfortunately, there is no room for clumsiness in the game of golf. Right brain golfers have the ability to bring creativity to any sport they play, including golf. Right brain golfers focus on the creativeness of their swing rather than the analytical aspect of their approach. However, golfers that use their left brain tend to win tournaments such as the U.S. Open whereas left handed, or right brained individuals do not. Most left brained individuals are able to improve their game continually on the course. However, incorporating the right brain into the game is highly recommended.

You can always look at it in a different light. Your left-brain is necessary during a game of golf to figure out the data and what shot to use on the course. However, your right brain is what you need to employ in order to make the shot work.  While using the left side of your brain is advantageous for golfing, you should find ways to incorporate the use of your right brain during gameplay.  Without your right brain, you may find your shots off key and clumsy, which can have a negative impact on your approach.

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