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Golf Short Game Instruction

Benefits Of Golf Short Game Schools

By Bruce Baird

If there is one area of a golfer’s game that will benefit the most from some hard work, it is definitely the short game. The short game makes up 70% of a golfer’s shots over the course of a typical round. This means that any time spent improving it will lead to a rapid lowering in a golfer’s handicap. The quickest, most efficient way for golfers to see improvement in this area is to attend golf short game schools.

Golf short game schools teach golfers a whole host of concepts. One of the most important concepts golfers learn at these clinics is how to adjust the trajectory of a shot. Altering the angle of approach is one of the most difficult concepts for golfers to learn, and many amateur golfers have no idea how to do it.

The problem with this concept is that it requires golfer’s to learn many different things. Adjusting the angle of approach on a shot depends on many different factors. The lie of the ball, the slope of the green, the wetness of the grass and the distance from the hole will all affect how the golfer can adjust the trajectory of the golf shot. Short game schools will teach golfers how to adjust their arm speed, backswing and shot rhythm to control the trajectory of the ball. Once golfers master these techniques, they will quickly shave several strokes from their games.

Sand shots are another area that short game schools really focus on. Many amateur golfers really have no clue what they are doing when taking a bunker shot. Anyone who wants to learn how to blast the ball out of the bunker will learn how to do so at one of these schools. They will also learn how to keep the ball under control out of the bunker, which is one of the most common problems golfers face with a bunker shot.

Of course, one of the most important areas of the short game is putting. This means that these short game clinics will spend a significant portion of teaching time working on the many aspects that go into successful putting. One of the most important things students will learn is how to read a green. This seems like it would be a simple process, but even professionals have trouble reading greens at times. Learning some simple techniques to avoid being fooled is a great way to shave some strokes from a round of golf.

The other important putting concept that golfers learn at a short game clinic is how to develop a consistent putting stroke. Using the exact same motion on every putt is the best way to develop a solid putting game. The instructors will work with golfers to learn a simple putting motion that is easy to duplicate time after time.

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