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How Do You Practice Golf Correctly?

Golf is a game played on a five inch course-the distance between your ears Good practice habits are essential to develop  a better golfer.  Tour professionals work extremely hard to develop good practice habits.  The key to developing good practice habits is learning how to allocate ones time on the practice tee. Practicing is not…

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Why Do You Play Golf If It Is So Embarrassing?

GolfSpirit Blog Current Articles |  RSS Feed Why Do You Play Golf If It Is So Embarrassing? Posted by Bruce Baird on Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 11:00 PM   Too many golfers describe the game as a      frustration visited upon a happy population, or as “the best game in the world in which…

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Why Do You Play Golf? Is THE GAME larger than life?

  Bruce Baird Founder of Nationwide Golf Schools After 63 years of active  golf participation, and as I move  slowly towards the end of my  personal  golfing experiences , the intangibles of    THE Game  have become  more prominent and  significant. I have concluded that  the real essence of  Golf sometimes is  lost on us!…

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2012 Drivers -Can You Buy Your Golf Game?

Every athlete understands that top-notch equipment is nearly as valuable as hard work for achieving excellence and success. Without the best equipment in hand, the results of long hours spent practicing cannot be maximized. Technological progress in equipment design and manufacturing is constantly raising the bar of performance such that failure to utilize the latest…

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3 Simple Golf Secrets. Save 3 Strokes! 45 minutes Yes!

Are you one of those golfers who make crucial errors before arriving at the first tee for a golf game? These mistakes usually occur in the driving range practice area. That is, of course , assuming  the player ever went near the range. It is a common, but misunderstood belief that pre-golf practice is either…

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Why Do You Play Golf If It Is So Embarrassing?

  Too many golfers describe the game as a      frustration visited upon a happy population, or as “the best game in the world in which you can be bad”. I absolutely deny those negatives and will provide some differing insights into the golfing experience as an enlightenment, not a source of frustration. Playing golf is…

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Do It Yourself Golf Lessons? Not!

The innocent novice golfer who is intent upon learning the golf game on his or her own can plan on months and, some times years, of effort and frustration. Golf is not a do-it yourself sport! If you would like to master the game quickly, then an absolute commitment to a significant amount of golf…

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How Does a Golf School Founder become an expert internet author?

Christopher Knight, Publisher of EzineArticles, the internet’s top article publisher recently conferred the platinum level author honor  on Bruce Baird, Founder and President of The Nationwide Golf Schools. Knight announced the  platinum designation yesterday. “In earning our “PLATINUM” membership, you have attained a status which can not be bought and can only be earned by…

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Why Is The Game Of Golf Played With 15 Clubs ?

THE MENTAL GAME-THE FIFTEENTH GOLF CLUB-YOUR MIND! The mental game of golf is as important as the physical part of the game. The golfer must be able to think and visualize his way around the golf course to play the game successfully. A player often overlooks the importance of visualization, but it is a vital…

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Proverbs 1:07 For The Mature Golfer

Here is the word for the golf enthusiast   1. Golf teaches success and failure-neither last very long. 2.  You learn golf all the time, but you don’t learn it all at once. 3.  There is no kind of miracle that can’t happen in golf at least once. 4.  The harder I practice the luckier…

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