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California Top Golf School For Men and Women

Golf is a game of focus, precision, concentration, skill and habit.

California Golf School Palm SpringsYour swing, your focus, your entire game can be improved, but only if you take swift action to correct the problems and enhance your skills.

So many golfers get stuck in bad habits that throw their game off. What starts as a small error gradually expands and increasingly hurts  your game over time.  The problem is perpetuated because most golfers can’t see their own errors.

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, but correcting these errors is paramount to your game (and possibly your continued enjoyment of the sport). 

Golf school is the answer to what is plaguing your game (and your ego!).  For the novice, or the golfer with moderate existing skills, choosing a qualified professional golf school is almost mandatory for significant improvement.

There is a difference between golf lessons and golf school.   Golf school offers a more comprehensive and personalized experience that really drills down to the heart of your swing and effects your game.  We focus not only on physical implementation but also on creating an understanding of the fundamentals.   This ensures that you walk away with a true and in-depth understanding of what you need to do and why.  Understanding the why allows you to continue to correct and improve over time and it assures you won’t soon forget what you learned while at the Nationwide Golf Schools.

How do you pick “the best golf school”?

That’s subjective and highly personal but here are a few things  to  look for:

  • Beautiful weather (can’t beat 75 degree weather in January)
    Bruce Baird’s California Golf Schools are located in San Diego, Palm Springs and Monterey
  • A teacher with long standing   experience and proven results
    The golf school in Palm Springs is run by David Cahill, one of 250 Master PGA teaching Professionals Nationwide.
  • A school that focuses not only on the mechanics but also brings an understanding of your personal “golf personality” (and how to make it work for you)
    David does  not just teach the golf swing, he helps you enhance your entire golfing experience.  
  • A golf school that offers flexibility in hours and scheduling
    Baird’s California golf schools are in operation year round and open  six days a week.

The best golf school for you is the one that you feel most comfortable with.  If you are considering a California Golf School, the next step is to pick up the phone and have all your questions answered Bruce Baird, the founder will personally explain how we can best raise our golf skills..  The next step is to clean your clubs and get ready to take your game to the next level.

Be prepared for an intense but incredibly valuable experience with measurable results.   Find your game and earn bragging rights the next time you and your friends hit the links.

Break Bad Habits, Improve Your Swing & Experience Measurable Improvements In Your Game

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Bruce Baird’s National Golf Schools WILL Improve Your Game: Bruce Baird Personally Guarantees It

California Golf School Breaks from The Norm and Focuses On Individual Strengths and Weaknesses To Improve Your Game

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