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Frequent Questions asked about Bruce Baird’s

Nationwide Golf Schools


Frequently Asked Golf Questions

To help provide the best possible information for prospective students interested in Bruce Baird’s Nationwide Golf School we have provided answers to the most common golf questions. If the golf questions below aren’t enough simply contact us and have our experienced Golf School support staff answer any further golf questions you have.

Do you really have a money back guarantee?

YES.    IF AT ANY TIME IN THE FIRST TWO DAYS YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE INSTRUCTION, CONTACT ME, Bruce Baird, 1-800-894-9593 for a full refund of your instructional tuition.

What is the student instructor ratio?
There are never more than 4 students in any golf class.

How many hours of instruction?
Nationwide Golf School provides 15 hours of golf instruction including playing lessons.

What time does your class start?
The first day begins at 10:00 a.m. during the Golf School season.

Do we actually play on a course?
Yes, during the 3rd day you are taught to apply what you have learned through golf course management principles.

Do you conduct individual classes (1:1)?
Yes, individual golf class programs range from three hours to one year or more.

Do you conduct women only classes?
Yes. Nationwide Golf School offers women only golf classes at least once a month.

What may I expect from your schools?

  • Thorough understanding of the golf swing fundamentals.
  • Extensive short game methods taught for golf scoring.
  • Golf swing improvements to work on after leaving Nationwide Golf School.
  • Golf video for your review.
  • Preparation for self practice after leaving Nationwide Golf School.
  • Significant understanding of your swing and its characteristics and expert answers to all of your golf questions.

Do you arrange lodging?
Yes. Nationwide Golf School books all of your lodging needs and saves you money on your golf vacation and golf instruction.

May I arrange my own accommodations?
Yes, commuter programs are always available.

Will you provide referrals?
Yes, upon request.

Where are your schools located?

  • Monterey , Nationwide
  • Palm Springs Nationwide
  • San Diego Nationwide
  • Las Vegas Nevada
  • Myrtle Beach South Carolina
  • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Can I give school instruction as a gift?
We have gift certificates available for all of our golf school programs.

I am a beginner — is Nationwide Golf School for me?
Yes, we have beginner only classes as well as all other golf skill levels.

Do you group your students for instruction?

Is playing golf part of the school?
After school golf playing is available at discounted prices at most locations Golf Schools and is free at others subject to availability and season.

Are there golf schools less expensive than yours?
YES. However, for the instructional quality, teaching hours and lodging amenities, we provide a unique, individualized golf school experience at the lowest possible price.

Do you have any special promotions or discounts?
We have monthly “last minute reservation” golf packages at discount pricing. We also have group discounts and corporate Nationwide Golf School packages.

Can I repeat a school session?
Yes. We also have alumni discounts for returning golf students.

Do you take credit cards?
Nationwide Golf Schools accepts all major credit cards.

What is your cancellation/inclement weather policy?
There are no cash refunds. Golf students may repeat lost instruction time at no cost.There are no cash refunds. Golf students may repeat lost instruction time at no cost.

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