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Bruce Baird’s Nationwide Golf School’s Philosophy of Instruction

Golf School Mission Statement

The California Golf School Mission

About California Golf Schools

At Bruce Baird’s California Golf Schools , we dedicate ourselves to the idea that every golfer must develop his or her own golf game, just as a writer or musician must have a personal style. In our experience, we have found ample evidence that any golfer’s game can be seriously disrupted by attempting to copy someone else’s style, grip, stance, or swing.

Baird´s Way

Bruce Baird is regarded as one of America’s finest golf teaching professionals. As a golf instructor he is known for successfully adapting his golf teaching approach to each individual’s abilities and needs. He and his team of professional, golf teaching coaches help people find their “natural golf swing” using a unique, golf instruction “short swing” teaching technique Bruce developed over 17 years ago.

Bruce believes that each of us has a unique combination of body type, rhythm and coordination that produces the natural tendencies we use when swinging a golf club. Most golf teaching professionals teach fundamentals, which are important, but Bruce believes these golfing fundamentals must be adapted to fit the natural tendencies present in each individual student. This approach forms the basis of the nationwide golf instruction method, an approach that makes our golf teaching professionals the most successful choice for any golfer.

Golf Diary

Using a Golf Diary

About California Golf Schools

Mr. Baird stresses to students the importance of using a golf diary to record their statistics and impressions on the golf course or the practice tee. Mr. Baird realizes that keeping statistics is a difficult task so he designed an online golf diary as part of the golf instruction approach in order to make it easy for his golf students to keep records and see the positive and negative patterns identified by our golf teaching professionals with their golf skills. Keeping track of these tendencies allows Bruce Baird’s Nationwide Golf School coaches and golf teaching professionals to address weak points while improving a player’s natural strengths.

Bruce Baird’s Golf School encourages you to discover your best golf game, to understand it — and then to have our golf teaching professionals help you develop it as far as it can possibly go. This approach taken by our Nationwide golf instruction method has proved to be an extremely effective golf teaching strategy in several different ways:

  • You develop and improve your existing golf skills with the help of world-class, golf teaching professionals.
  • You learn new golf skills or improve existing ones more easily and quickly.
  • The golf skills you’ve acquired will become a part of you and your game. As you practice your golf skills they improve markedly and you become more consistent in every game of golf you play in the future.
  • You will achieve a lower handicap, greater distance and lower your scores in all future golf games quickly. There are no long lectures or philosophical talk from our California or South Carolina golf instruction and golf teaching professionals at Bruce Baird’s Nationwide Golf School — just results!

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Baird’s Way